Continuing Professional Development

Conduct Auctions
This Self-Paced online course will specify the skills and knowledge required to conduct auctions. It includes accessing, interpreting and applying written instructions for the auction, calling an auction and completing the auction process, including when a property is sold and when a property is passed in.

The key topics covered in this workbook are:
* Assess suitability of auction site and auction equipment and identify risks to self and others.
* Confirm required auction advice is displayed according legislative requirements.
* Review auction documentation and examine major points including auction instructions, authorities, contracts, reserve price, co-owner and vendor bids.
* Liaise with vendor or sales agent for final instructions.
* Terms and conditions of sale by auction according to legislative requirements.
* Conduct the auction according to legislative requirements.
* Manage bidding process and maintain auction process to achieve reserve price.
* Implement trial close strategy.
* Signify close of auction using appropriate strategy such as final calls, fall of hammer and closing script.
* Knocking down property to successful bidder once reserve price has been met and all other bids are exhausted.
* Pass in property if reserve price is not met and all bids are exhausted.
* Offer highest bidder opportunity to negotiate with vendor when property fails to reach reserve price.

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