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DIY Tools for Property Photography
The purpose of this webinar is to provide a guide for agents on how they can be productive in marketing listings online professionally using all available products both free and paid for.
Recent lockdowns and the Covid pandemic has challenged the industry. But, as agents we need to be able to provide solutions to our clients to get there properties online and sold, especially for those that have a need to sell during difficult periods.
Real Estate can’t always be the same. However, equip yourselves with the tools and knowledge necessary to assist your clients when times become challenging.
This webinar covers:
- Free apps you can use to take 360 degree shots,
- Small cost apps that allow you to turn a smart phone into a professional camera.
- Photo editing at a fraction of the price of professional shots.
- How to present a home online to near professional photography standard using just a smart phone
- Full downloadable check lists to provide to your clients to give them the skills and tools they need to take photos and sent to you in the highest resolution possible.

Speakers: David Stewart - Market Buy & Peter Schravemade - Box Brownie

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