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Meth Contamination: What it means for Property Managers
The increasing use of Meth (ice) has led to significant growth in the number of properties being contaminated.
A National Drug Strategy Household Survey found that 6.3% or 1.3 million Australians over the age of 14 have used methamphetamine (including ice, speed or base) and 1.4% reported recent use (in the past 12 months) – that’s 1 in 70 people have used methamphetamines in the past year.
The resident’s health and/or owner’s financial position could be impacted by living in or purchasing a property contaminated by Meth residue.

Property Managers need to gain an understanding of the process of identifying an impacted property and implementing measures to protect all stakeholders. Meth testing can play a vital role in the process of purchasing and leasing a property.

Leah Calnan, REIV President will host a discussion with Edward Brown Director, SmartHouse Australia, to address some key questions like:
• How can meth residue be identified
• What does the testing process involve
• What constitutes safe levels of contamination
• What are the steps should a property return a positive result.

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